Commercial Blinds

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Recently some people have been inquiring about revitalising some of the commercial buildings, and asking the question, what would be the best way to do something like that. A few of the members came up with some different suggestions, of various different ways to revitalise what is an old commercial building. We had ideas that ranged from a quick coat of paint to replacing  the windows and doors, to demolishing the building and starting  a fresh. Although one of the guys came up with what i thought was an inspirational idea. Replace the windows, repaint the walls inside and then fit new blinds  on all the windows. READ MORE

Hastings Rowing Club Fitness

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Keeping fit plays a great part of life for most people in today’s modern society. As lots of people are coming up against problems of all kinds, due to obesity, bad diet and lack of exercise. One of the key solutions, is to get more exercise. And the best way in my opinion is to take up a form of exercise that you enjoy, and that is also fun. One great way to keep fit, have fun , and to lose weight at the same time is cycling. I own a cube analog mountain bike myself. READ MORE

Increase your fitness levels by cycling

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Rowing is a very competitive sport, and fitness levels must really be at a peak to be able to endure the physical challenge of a long boat race, whether it’s a long river race or out on the open sea. Usually getting fit will be a combination of a lot of different sports like running,  lifting weights, and lots of stretching and loosening up of the muscles.One of the best ways i have found to stay in tip top shape is cycling. The type of bike you work out on is completely up to your own preference. Most of the time i like to use cheap bmx bikes.  But it can be whatever type of cycling that you are most comfortable with. READ MORE

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